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Vintage Teddy Bears are wonderful to collect , because they seem to carry with them a tremendous sense of history and whispered childhood secrets. They may be old, and threadbare in places, but they have developed a unique character all their own , through years of having been played with, and sometimes enjoyed even by several generations of children. They carry with them whispered memories of simpler times, of happy childhood dreams , Some have sadder stories to tell , but all have been loved in their time.

Do we all have a childhood teddy bear we remember? I had a lovely big white bear when I was young, given to me by my dear father, He bought it for me when I was about 8 years old, because I had seen it in a shop and had wanted it so badly. It cost him a princely sum in those days , when we could barely afford simple luxuries, but my father bought it for me because he loved me. That teddy bear is long gone now, given away when I was 14 to a much younger child, the son of a school servant at the school my father taught at, and though I have always regretted letting my bear be given away, I hope that dear teddy bear managed to bring as much joy to that child as he had to me for many years.

This little bear you see here is Dylan, he is not a vintage or old bear, but to me, he epitomises the spirit and romantic charm of the old bears that are featured in My Teddy Bear Museum. Dylan was made by a very talented bear artist called Gretchen McKillip , of Gretchen McKillip Originals . Come with me and I'll show you why I say that teddy bears can develop a wonderfully unique character all their own, and who can come alive in a child's imagination. Step right this way please....


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