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Welcome to the new version of my virtual Teddy Bear Museum ! My Teddy Bear Museum was originally launched on 6th of August way back in 2003 , but unfortunately , due to severe time constraints and work commitments, I was not able to update it often.

I have been extremely fortunate at having been able to add to my humble Teddy Bear collection some extremely beautiful and rare vintage teddy bears over many years of collecting, as well as some collectible artist bears as well that are every bit as charming as the old bears. I've always believed that these grand old bears need to be shared, as they have been over generations, and that is why it has always been my dream to start a teddy bear museum, even if it is a virtual one.

Many of these bears have stories that need to be told , and over the coming months, I hope to be able to bring you those stories, and pictures of these well-loved bears which I hope you will enjoy sharing with me.

There will be much research that needs to be done for each bear, so I do hope that you will "bear" with me, pun intended, if updates are slow in coming, but I will look forward to building this virtual museum and making it one that you will enjoy visiting !

I will also cherish your feedback, and hope that you will share pictures of your own cherished bears too, in our Teddy Bear Forum .

So.... thank you for visiting My Teddy Bear Museum, enjoy your stay, and I hope you love these wonderful old bears as much as I do !

Your curator,

Daniel Chia



Check back with us very soon . We hope to bring you more vintage and collectible bears and their stories which we know you will enjoy ! These are vintage bears in my own personal collection , and a lot of research goes into each presentation, as well as the effort in the photography of each bear to bring out each bear's best , so do bear with me if updates are a little slow.

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Why not tell us what you think of the bears in our Forum , and perhaps share pictures and stories of your own well loved bears . Join us there at our forum ! We would love to hear from you !

More bears coming soon !

The Curator



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